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What's Going On

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Stepping Up: Non-Indigenous People’s Role in Truth and Reconciliation

Stepping Up: Non-Indigenous People’s Role in Truth and Reconciliation”, is a 12-hour course (in six parts) that provides an opportunity for non-Indigenous people to begin to explore their roles and responsibilities in the Truth and Reconciliation process.

This six-part course gives us a chance to talk together, to address difficult issues, to share our hopes and fears, and to learn new ways of thinking, being and acting. Anyone is welcome to take the course, and the focus is on the growth of non-Indigenous people who wish to be part of reconciliation efforts within Canada.

Space is limited, and seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so please REGISTER HERE NOW. We will contact you to confirm your space in the course.

The course is being offered to two groups over the six-week period – one on Tuesday evenings and one on Thursday evenings. Note that you must be able to commit to attend all six sessions on the same evening.

Funding to provide this course is to be confirmed

Guiding Principles and Accountability


  • We understand reconciliation to be grounded in relationships among people, communities, governments, and, most importantly, in relationships to and with the Land.
  • We believe that relationships among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, communities, governments, and with The Land frequently have been, and continue to be, fractured and full of misunderstanding, suspicion, distrust, and oppression.
  • We believe that non-Indigenous peoples have not adequately recognized and accepted our role in creating these fractured relationships. Furthermore, we have not carried our share of responsibility for mending them, or creating new relationships.
  • We are encouraged by the current indications that non-Indigenous people may be willing to “Step Up” to the challenge of creating new relationships.
  • We appreciate that the creation of new relationships is difficult, especially given the above context. As non-Indigenous peoples we must cultivate humility and enter into any new relationships with awareness and intention.
  • An essential part of developing awareness and attention is turning our gaze inward, i.e. seriously considering the aspects of our own world view, culture, and practices that have contributed to the current state of relationship. Therefore, while anyone is welcome to take the course, the focus is on the growth of non-Indigenous people who wish to be part of reconciliation efforts within Canada.
  • We know that we cannot speak for Indigenous peoples. We are committed to ongoing reflection and analysis to ensure that we are ‘doing our own work’.
  • We share our process to ‘Step Up’ with key Indigenous leaders in Nova Scotia for their guidance and input on an ongoing basis.