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Welcome to Thrive MD Foundation Program (2 Parts) & Enrichment Courses!

Thank you for your interest in the Thrive MD Physician Wellness Program, including the 2-part Foundation Program and a range of Enrichment Courses.


In the Thrive MD Foundation Program (Parts 1 & 2), you will learn how to apply wellbeing science in a free 2-part series, offered 1 month apart. You will have the opportunity activate new health behaviours using proven CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques. Learning objectives are below. 

Thrive MD Enrichment Courses – These unique  courses promote physician work-life balance across “THRIVE” domains: Thoughts, Health Habits, Relationships, Interests and Emotions.  See course details and expert instructors on Thrive MD Physician Wellness Hub at www.fohthrivelearningcentre.ca

To be contacted about the 2023 series of sessions, please provide your contact information below. 

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Thrive MD Foundation Program Learning Objectives

The program uses a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) approach to implement preventative medicine. Physicians will experience first-hand principles of behaviour activation used in CBT which can also be applied to working with patients in practice.  Physicians will also learn about additional resources to support their own wellbeing and their patients, including the upcoming 5-minute CBT Course.

Part 1 – Jumpstart Self-Care Objectives:

  • Review barriers and promoters of physician wellbeing
  • Learn about the Fountain of Health’s THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing
  • Apply the 3-step approach to jumpstart self-care in one THRIVE domain
  • Learn about a Wellness App to track your goal and promote success

Part 2 – Assess Impact Objectives:

  • Review the key components of THRIVE© Approach to Wellbeing
  • Assess the impact of Part 1 of the Thrive MD Program
  • Learn about additional wellbeing and practice resources, including the 5-minute CBT

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