The Truth and Reconciliation Commission invites us to talk about the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. As non-Indigenous people, we might be unsure about our place in such conversations. We wonder what we can possibly do; we think we don’t know enough; we fear that we might say or do the wrong thing and make matters worse.


Horizons is excited to offer Stepping Up: A Learning Journey for Settler Canadians course in January 2024! This course provides an opportunity for non-Indigenous people to begin to explore their roles and responsibilities in the Truth and Reconciliation process.


This course gives us a chance to talk together, to address difficult issues, to share our hopes and fears, and to learn new ways of thinking, being and acting. Anyone is welcome to take the course, and the focus is on the growth of non-Indigenous people who wish to be part of reconciliation efforts within Canada.


This virtual course will be offered from January 16 to March 5, 2024. During this time, you will work through an 8 lesson, self directed study guide (12-15 hours) and participate in weekly Zoom sessions held on Tuesday evenings, 7 – 9pm (Atlantic). Access to the internet is required.


The registration fee for this learning journey is $200 (tax included).

To register, please click here or email


To meet Dr. Carolyn Campbell, course designer and facilitator, and for more information about the course objectives and content, including testimonials from previous participants, please click here

We look forward to learning together!



The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) urged non-Indigenous people to recognize and accept their role in, and responsibility for, mending fractured relationships between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. Horizons has developed Settler Education learning opportunities as a unique response to the TRC Calls to Action that provides an opportunity for non-Indigenous people to learn how to ‘Step-Up’ to their reconciliation responsibilities.



For more information about these learning opportunities, please see Educational Opportunities for Settler Canadians


Please contact us by email at, or call (902) 542-0156 for more information.