Services Overview

Horizons offers services to meet a broad range of organizational needs. We have a strong reputation as a solid team that produces excellent quality work, and we like to have fun together. Our approach is collaborative and flexible to suit the needs of our clients.

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Evaluation & Research

Horizons offers comprehensive evaluation and research services, including developing, implementing, and analyzing:

  • Process and outcome evaluation frameworks;
  • Logic models;
  • Needs and resources assessment processes;
  • Literature reviews and environmental scans;
  • Best practice reviews;
  • Research and evaluation frameworks for assessing the impact of health promotion work;
  • Data collection tools such as surveys (written, in-person, telephone, and electronic), interviews, and focus groups;
  • Data coding, entry, and analysis activities;
  • Utilization-focused recommendations and evaluation reports; 
  • Group or one-on-one training sessions on the principles and development of evaluation processes and instruments;
  • Community-based, participatory action research;
  • Community capacity measurement and community capacity building studies;
  • Child and youth resiliency measurement; and
  • Research knowledge and skill-building activities for community members and service providers.



Best Practices Research

In addition to examining the broad factors that influence the “health” of a community and how they interact with one another, Horizons offers aid to organizations in developing strategies based on “best practices” or evidence from a variety of sources (e.g., research, programs in other jurisdictions; community input; etc.).  The strategies address the root causes of community issues rather than treating the end “symptom” or result.

Horizons recognizes that although this approach may not be useful in its entirety for all our clients, we always try to incorporate the use of best practices and address the root causes of the issues we are targeting in our contracts.  We also strive to ensure that we work across sectors and encourage public involvement, by involving as many stakeholders as possible from the relevant sectors and populations that are impacted by the work we do.  We strongly believe this increases the relevance and validity of our consulting work.



Stakeholder Consultation

Horizons has the skills and experience to develop and execute extensive, multi-layered consultations with people and organizations. 

We offer consultation processes that can include the following activities based on the client's needs:

  • Engagement of stakeholders, individuals and within organizations, as well as across sectors;
  • Key informant interviews with strategic stakeholders;
  • Moderated public consultations/discussions; 
  • Options of web survey and mail-in/faxed responses;
  • Development of discussion documents; and
  • Creation of a website (layout, content, links, etc.) and social media dedicated to the consultation process (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, blog).

Resource & Tool Development

Horizons specializes in developing a wide variety of user-friendly educational resources for use by groups and individuals, including:

  • Tools to support organizational, group, and community planning processes
  • (e.g., action planning templates, planning models);
  • Resources and supports to assist communities in using research information when planning for community health (e.g., workshops on using research information in planning processes, research information resource lists);
  • Tools for measuring community capacity and child/youth resiliency (e.g., surveys and toolkits); and
  • Toolkits to support groups mobilizing around community issues and/or organizing for change (e.g., planning, advocacy, policy development, and working for healthy communities).

Organizational Management & Project Coordination

Horizons provides management services to organizations and projects during times of change, as well as over extended-terms.  Our management services include:

  • Managing planning activities and ongoing operations of organizations and projects;
  • Working with the media;
  • Providing support to project coordinators and administrative staff;
  • Staff training;
  • Developing organizational policies and procedures;
  • Board development and support;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Budget planning, management, and reporting;
  • Exploring potential funding opportunities and developing successful funding proposals;
  • Completing reports and updates to funders;
  • Evaluating the outcomes and processes of projects/programs;
  • Assisting committees during hiring processes (e.g., developing job descriptions, advertising, developing screening instruments, interviewing potential staff, preparing compensation packages, etc.); and
  • Administrative/clerical support.


Horizons' facilitation services have been developed through more than 50 years of collective experience and training in group dynamics.  We offer facilitation services for:

  • Large or small group processes;
  • Local, regional, and provincial intersectoral collaboration processes;
  • Focus groups; 
  • A variety of formal and informal discussions;
  • Educational events;
  • Government planning processes; and
  • Community planning processes.



Strategic Planning & Program Development

Horizons planning services include short and long-term strategic and action planning activities for:

  • Community-based programs and groups;
  • Organizational development and planning; and
  • Government departments and agencies.

We will work with your organization or group to develop programs and services that accurately reflect the needs of your organization or community.  We offer program development services from planning to implementing and evaluating the program, such as:

  • Program planning;
  • Intersectoral planning;
  • Program needs and resource assessments;
  • Reviewing relevant best practices;
  • Developing program models;
  • Planning services to ensure program resources and services are properly allocated;
  • Program evaluation/reflection services to garner information on how your program is working;
  • Writing funding proposals; and
  • Program administrative and management services.

Workshop Development & Training Supports

Horizons offers customized workshop development and facilitation services.  We use a participatory, adult education approach to all our workshops, and are strong advocates of creating a fun learning experience for all our workshop participants.

Our workshop services include:

  • In-depth knowledge and skills training;
  • Volunteer and organizational development learning opportunities;
  • Educational programs and events (e.g., population health, health promotion, train-the-trainer workshops);
  • Customized workshops (e.g., building community capacity, asset-based community development, research and evaluation, community planning, fostering resiliency in children and youth);
  • Workshop manuals and tool development; and
  • Learning retreats (two to four day residential training experiences).

We also offer workshops on specialized topics, including:

  • Advocacy and Influencing Policy;
  • Measuring Community Capacity; 
  • Measuring Community Capacity Resource Kit Facilitator Training;
  • Community Development; 
  • Fostering Resiliency; 
  • Community Health Planning; 
  • Using Research Information in Planning for Community Health; 
  • Data, Evidence, and Community Input;
  • Introduction to Evaluation;
  • Introduction to Survey Research; and
  • Introduction to Focus Group Research.

Event Planning

Horizons staff can provide your organization with full event planning services and logistical support, including:

  • Developing outlines and agendas for events;
  • Event planning/coordination templates and tools (e.g., master planners, agenda templates);
  • Sponsorship package development;
  • Participant needs assessments;
  • Planning, implementing, and facilitating educational and skill-building events;
  • Logistical support, such as promotion, registration, venue coordination services, and the design, layout, and production of event materials;
  • Social/entertainment program planning and booking services; and
  • Evaluation services to determine whether your event met its objectives and was useful to participants.

Administrative/Clerical Support

Horizons administrative support staff can provide your organization with short and long-term administrative support services, such as:

  • Word processing;
  • Report editing and formatting;
  • Announcements and mail outs;
  • Desktop publishing;
  • Developing and maintaining databases;
  • Developing and maintaining websites;
  • Developing CD/DVD-based tools, resources, and training packages; and
  • Coordinating the logistics of meetings/events.

Products and Resources

Measuring Community Capacity Resource Kit (link to page describing the MCC kit)


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