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What Our Friends Are Saying

We look forward to the Spring into Action challenge every year - meeting new people, and welcoming back those that join us every year. We are inspired by the commitment of our participants, and are delighted when they share with us what it has meant to them.

This challenge was a reset for me. I had gotten away from my exercise. My team and this challenge gave me the motivation I need to get moving again. Thanks for arranging this! - Chrissy

This challenge has helped me become more active every day and not procrastinate and do it another time. I plan on keeping up the time journal that I started to remind me to keep going. Even with this rainy spring I have found way to be active, just have to think outside the box. - Wanda

…this experience has been absolutely wonderful and has made me more focused and determined to improve my activity level. I loved being on a team and sharing our efforts, encouraging each other, and simply enjoying what this has done for so many people. I plan to continue to connect with others to the end of June but our expectations will be simple. We are asking all to exercise 30 min a day for at least 5 days a week and eat healthy for at least 5 days a week until the end of June. We'll just record the days and not the activities as it gets busy this time of year. We already have interest so we'll start next week. Thanks again for your Spring into Action challenge!! - Linda

Consider joining us this year for Spring Into Action, and join in on the fun! We look forward to hearing from you!

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