Meet Your Navigator

Your navigator for this learning journey will be Carolyn Campbell, an Associate with Horizons Community Development Associates.

Since retiring from a 25 year position with the School of Social Work, Dalhousie University in 2016, Carolyn is expanding her engagement in our local community. As a social justice educator and community activist, she brings experience in teaching, group facilitation, program planning, and project development. She has engaged with a variety of social issues (gender equality, electoral reform, anti-poverty work) but at this time in her life she is particularly passionate about joining with other non-Indigenous people as they explore their roles and responsibilities for truth and reconciliation with Indigenous people. She has facilitated the Stepping Up course on five previous occasions, both face to face and virtually.

As a Settler of British descent she is privileged to live on unceded Mi’kmaq territory outside of Wolfville where she swims, boats, reads, gardens, plays with clay, weaves, and welcomes visitors.