Course format, expectations, and registration

The Stepping Up Journey is offered in person or virtually and you are invited to chose which option is best for you. Both options are interactive and experiential, not lectures. Certainly, both options include some ‘formal’ presentations, but most of the time participants are taking part in exercises and discussions. We only accept 16- 20 participants per session to ensure time and space for collective interaction. Each session or activity builds on previous ones, taking participants through the content in a planned, sequential fashion. This type of teaching and learning reflects our belief that education should engage our minds, hearts, and spirits. Participants also have access to a course website that contains supplemental learning materials and resources.

When offered in person the course entails 14 hours of face-to-face interaction (weekly sessions or over two weekends) and 8 – 10 hours of ‘homework'. Exploring the supplemental materials and resources could take more time.

When offered virtually participants go to the course website to access an 8 lesson, self-directed study guide that takes 12-15 hours to complete. Each lesson takes participants through a variety of learning activities such as reading instructor’s notes, watching videos, listening to audio recordings, reading short articles, writing, or reflecting. Weekly, synchronous, 90-minute Zoom sessions are held to support questions and reflection and there is an online discussion forum where participants can discuss the material with each other.

The next virtual version of Stepping Up is being offered from January 16 to March 5, 2024. During this time, you will work through an 8 lesson, self directed study guide (12-15 hours) and participate in weekly Zoom sessions held on Tuesday evenings, 7:30– 9pm (Atlantic). Access to the internet is required.