Who We Are

Who We Are

Horizons Community Development Associates Inc

Corporate Profile

Horizons Community Development Associates Inc. is a client and community centred consulting company focused on helping communities achieve their goals.  Horizons specializes in planning, research and evaluation, community development and project management services.

Based in Nova Scotia and serving Atlantic Canada, our team of consultants and a support team of 20 research assistants and administrative staff offer value-added service to a broad range of clients, including the health sector, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and businesses.  We have a strong reputation as a solid team that produces excellent quality work.  The Horizons staff have complementary skills and an excellent understanding of each other's strengths and abilities; we know how to maximize our collective contributions to any project we take on.

Horizons was formed in October 2002 by assembling a talented team that share the goal of producing high quality work, while enjoying the experience of working together.  Horizons clients include provincial and federal government departments and agencies, First Nations communities, the health and not for profit sectors.

Horizons Community Development Associates Inc. has a combined fifty years of experience in a broad range of skill areas: 

  • Program evaluation, including logic models, evaluation frameworks, data collection tools and analysis;
  • Design and implementation of stakeholder consultations across sectors (e.g., government departments and agencies; service providers; community organizations);
  • Needs and resources assessments;
  • Literature reviews and environmental scans;
  • Best practice literature and evidence reviews;
  • Data collection tools such as surveys (e.g., written; in-person; phone; or electronic), interviews, and focus groups;
  • Data coding, entry, and analysis;
  • Utilization-focused recommendations and reports;
  • Research knowledge and skill-building activities for community members and service providers;
  • Short and long-term strategic and action planning processes; and
  • Community-based, participatory action research (e.g., community capacity measurement; capacity-building studies; asset mapping; child and youth resiliency measurement).

Other services offered by Horizons include:

  • Resource and tool development;
  • Workshop development and training supports;
  • Community development and community capacity measurement;
  • Facilitation;
  • Organizational management;
  • Advocacy training; and
  • Administrative/clerical support.

The Horizons team has developed internationally recognized resources in measuring community capacity, and is a recognized leader in health promotion and population health initiatives.  We utilize these approaches to build on the strengths of our clients and work towards creative solutions for helping communities achieve their goals.